Timashevsk, Promyshlennaya 3
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About us

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About us

Pipe Coating Plant LLC, created in 2006, is located in Timashevsk town, Krasnodar region and specializes on works for a corrosion-resistant coating, application of thermal insulation on to the pipes. At the present time all necessary equipment for carrying out of a full complex of works for pipe coating is available. The total area of the industrial estate makes 34 hectares. Total number of persons employed is 240.


  • There are two lines for corrosion-resistant coating: the first one is for pipes with diameter from 57 mm to 720 mm, the second— from 530 mm to 1420 mm, with the total performance of 2300-2500 running meters per day for pipes with diameter of 720 mm +.
  • The enterprise performs works on internal corrosion-resistant coating (Amercoat 391PC) of oil pipelines and water pipes.
  • It carries out an external polyurethane foam coating for heat conductors.
  • All TU (engineering specifications) are agreed for application by Gazprom, Transneft, VNIIST, Rosneft, TNK-BP.

Pipe Coating Plant is a part of the enterprises authorized by Gazprom, for re-insulation of pipes. It carries out a full cycle on preparation of used and old pipe for further operation: extraction and dismantle of a pipe, cleaning and bevelling by means of the most modern imported equipment.

The enterprise has an opportunity of receipt of pipes by railway and motor transport with unloading on four platforms under the frame cranes: with capacity of 32 t, 2 cranes of 12,5 t for each, 1 crane of 20 t. Staff of the unloading and loading complex, staff of skilled dogmen, numbers 48 persons (12 brigades for three-shift work).

There is an own dead way siding providing an unloading area in number of 22 rail wagons simultaneously. There is an experience of placement of 70 semi-wagons on the own ways and adjacent ways of uncommon using (in order to avoid payments of idle time of rail cars from the Russian Railway).

The enterprise owns 3 automobile cranes with capacity of 25-32 t and 20 units of specialized motor transport, equipped for transportation of the steel coated pipes, what allows storing the pipes over the whole territory of the plant.

After carrying out of coating works it is possible to deliver the finished goods directly in to the construction site. Loading capacity of the special vehicle of Pipe Coating Plant LLC is 9 pcs of pipes of Ø 720 mm. (a standard semi-wagon — 10 pcs);

There is an experience of exclusive supply of pipes for all objects on gasification of the Southern Federal District of GAZPROM.

If necessary we have a possibility to organize welding of pipes in double-pipe sections with coating of a welded joint.

Strategic project:

Creation of the largest regional center for coating, storage and transportation of pipes.


High quality of output products and strict implementation of contractual obligations are always sustained.