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Pipe Coating Plant uses the equipment of Incal company — the developer and the producer of highly effective automatic equipment for repair of gas and oil pipelines.

Stationary Coating Removal System

The new Stationary Coating Removal System of the company Incal (SCRS) is designed for application in plant conditions. SCRS components include a central control room, hydraulic cleaning cabinet, vacuum recovery system, pump unit and power supply unit.

During the cleaning process the old film or bitumen coating is removed from the pipe surface. By means of a set of adaptor plates the equipment can be adjusted for various diameters of pipes in a range from 300 mm to 1420 mm. Minimum time is required for adjustment of system for new diameter.

Cleaning Process

Old coating, corrosion products and soluble salts are removed inside the hydraulic cleaning cabinet in one pass. This process uses water jets at variable pressures to 2,400 bar, which remove the old insulation coating from the pipe surface. At such pressure the water jets are able to remove the existing coating, corrosion products, soluble salts, cleaning the pipe surface down to bare metal. The hydraulic cleaning cabinets of ultrahigh pressure are able to remove completely all coatings from cold-applied tapes to modern 3-layer coatings.

Cleaning process is carried out by means of two high speed rotor units and rigidly fixed manifolds. Rotor units are driven by electric motors with an adjustable-speed unit. Speed of rotation of rotor units and speed of rotary and forward moving of pipes on conveyor system are adjustable that provides optimum quality and the maximum production at removal of various types of coating.

Control System

Control of system operation is carried out by one operator from the control unit, placed on the lifted platform. Such arrangement provides to the operator possibility of free supervision over all process. The control system includes a modern contact panel and smooth starters of all motors. Though the system is developed as completely automatic, the operator has also possibility of a manual mode for repair or diagnostics.

Pump System

Water under a high pressure is provided by the pump system, manufactured by Hammelmann company. The pump with an electric drive delivers water of volume required for cleaning and pressure. Depending on type of coating being removed one should use a pump with the appropriate discharge and pressure.